The “Good” Student

There are many considerations that go in when thinking of a “good” student and how they act may be the biggest one. Often “good” students are known to be the ones that listen in class, get work in on time, participate in discussions, and follow the rules however, does this mean that if you cannot do one of these tasks you are not considered a good student? Students with differences that may not be able to complete these tasks the way they are expected to from the teacher are often looked at as being “bad” students that will not go as far in life as the other students in the class. I think that this is a huge problem because teachers are then categorizing their students into what they know as common sense of a good student. Just because a kid may not be able to sit through an hour lecture without fidgeting or moving around does not classify them as a bad student and instead of classifying students in these ways, the teacher(s) should be taking the time to understand the different needs within their classroom to reach each students individual needs to succeed.


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