Knitting: Week 2

This week started off slightly rough as I accidently pulled my dishcloth off of the knitting needles and struggled to get them back on to complete my dishcloth. You can tell from this picture where the stings came off of the needles because it got slightly more loose and patchy. Trying to get the sting back on to the needles was slightly frustrating and I tried to redo it a couple of times to fill in the holes however, I think I may have restrung a couple of the strings wrong and I could not get it to get any tighter.

The second dishcloth looks much better and took me only about two hours to make which means I have cut my time in half. I only required the video to remined myself how to start and end the ties which shows I have remembered a lot already! My plan as of right now is to make the dishcloths slightly larger as they are quite small and then hopefully move onto another project.

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