Week 5: A Change of Plans

So i have recently hit a major block when it came to my knitting. Although I loved doing it, I really struggled to get very far on my slippers… I would call this an epic FAIL. However, I have realized rather than taking the defeat and giving up, I should instead be investing some more time on trying to find resources to help me with the different terminology and the different stitches.

Sites such as “How to Knit: A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide” have really broke down some of the basic steps in order to start knitting.

I have come to realize that I dove a little too far in to thinking I could knit which made me more discouraged to actually do it… I then cam across this video of how to knit a scarf and it follows a very similar pattern of knitting (regular stitch) to the dishcloths I had previously made so I decided to give this a shot! The slippers had pearl stitches and other stitches that were required in order to make their shape but I had never done those stitches before and struggled to get it right. By doing this scarf I have decided to work on what I am capable of before reaching too much further. I think that I just have not knit enough to be able to do slippers yet!

I have found that the best way for me to learn is through videos and pictures rather than instructions. I never really thought of myself of a visual learner until now! I depend on that video or picture because it is as if someone is sitting beside me and walking it through it with them.

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