My Knitting Journey

If I am being honest, my knitting journey had a lot of ups and downs with a lot of teaching moments. I started off taking 4+ hours to make a dishcloth that was supposed to be a square and ended up being a triangle. I then continued forward to make three more dishcloths with fairly decent knits and shapes. From there, I thought I would dive right in and attempt a slipper… (shaking my head) I thought a slipper would not be that hard… right?! Well I was VERY wrong and after almost 15 attempts to restart my slipper I decided that I should probably move on to something a little more manageable. I moved on to a scarf. The scarf was fun to make and not too difficult although it required a lot of my time.

By the progress on these dishcloths it is easy to tell that I got a lot more comfortable with holding the needles, applying the right pressure and just simply knitting.

I also spent more time researching knitting groups and hashtags that I could follow along with to get tips and ideas for future projects. This learning project was fun and very challenging at times! From never holding knitting needles to knitting a few dishcloths, a scarf for my cat, and finding new groups to be a part of while growing my social media presence as well as some knitting terminology and how to read (although I do not like following the written patterns as much) I would have to say it was fairly successful!

My infinity scarf made for my cat… by the look on her face you can tell she was not really a fan and did not wear it for very long

From joining the groups, it made me feel a bit better about my knitting. We all start somewhere and most beginners work looks similar. I also have come to understand just how much time people put in to create large pieces of knitting. Blankets may take 6+ months of consistent work because that is how long it takes to properly knit! I did not know this previously and thought I would be able to work at it and see a lot of progress but instead I am spending a lot of time and seeing smaller progress but that is okay!

Since beginning this project, I have been able to increase my speed as I know what I am doing a bit better. Speed and shape have been the two largest changes to my own progress that I have noticed!

I look forward to making more progress on my knitting and adventuring out to try even more patterns!

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