Week 6: Progress on my Scarf

This week I not only made some more progress on my scarf, but I also checked out some resource sites on twitter and Facebook for future ideas, tips, and suggestions! On Twitter I checked out #knitting and found many new people and sites to follow! People such as David are knitting for their pets, while others are using their time in quarantine to make shirts, blankets, slippers and numerous other things! One day I hope to be able to get a bit more complex but as of right now I have to take baby steps!

I have also found something crazy that I never thought I would find… A ZOOM CALL ABOUT KNITTING! This intrigued me so I am pretty sure I am going to check it out! Even if it is way out of my league, maybe I will be able to find some future tips on how to progress my learning! Knitting is not something that I want to stop once my learning project is over and I am excited to get better and better!

I have also reached out to Facebook and joined a couple of knitting groups on there. One of them is KnitPal- The Knitting Lounge for Beginners. Not only is this a knitting page, but being that it says “for beginner” right in the title I feel like it should be better for me as I am still quite new to knitting!

Here is some progress on my scarf that I have made. This has been the largest project I have made so far and has taken me a very long time to do so. I have put in close to 6 hours already working on the proper stitches and getting its size.

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